However, at this time, he felt a trace of something wrong, because Su Hao left the figure, unexpecte At the same time, his eyes became particularly bright and transparent, as if he could see through ev If we negotiate, we must make concessions. If we do not, what is negotiation? "There seems to be a bigger Temple ahead!" "Let the second-class troops approach secretly from the alleys in the block, surround the execution Shao boss pushes open one side bedroom door, toward smile way. "Well, I'll admit that you're telling me the truth. But how many troops do you think 300 mil A dark m é n on the side of the office opens quietly. Every VIP walking on the bridge will give a tut praise. There are ten level ten perfect skills and five master level broken martial arts. As for the first l Mirage like scenes emerge from the black spots. After a quick glance, they suddenly fall like meteor As soon as Zheng Yi Qian's spirit came out, Tang could run forward again. During the war, many merchants did not dare to pay taxes in arrears, which made many people dare to But he did not dare to offend Deng Chao and other cruel people, busy is said: "second boss, yes, I a Li Qiqi saw min Xiaoyan say so, and he quickly got out of the way. The two sides began to discuss the distribution of interests. "I don't think it's that simple..." Just out of the moment, a gorgeous purple sword light disappeared from his great sage's mansion.

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