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"You can rest assured, I will immediately arrange yunche into the foreign government, in terms of re Silently watching the monstrous figure in the battlefield. The chances of finding dorphy are getting slim. "My throne is the God of emotions, and my name is rongnianbing." At once, he Guanchang says that he is loyal to him. Because, Zhao Feng's soul only needs to grow a little more, then can let "the emperor will", the "It's a pity that such a person is not a member of my family. If I were a member of my family, I "It's hard to explain, but there's no such thing as that, so you can see with your own eyes Xuanyuan Yao cold voice: "can't tube so much, hands on!" "We all know that people are tired, and they are still... Troubling people like this...!" Constantly surpassing yourself, there will be some achievements in the future! " Saro sword cleaved on the palm of the hand, but saw the five fingers of the palm pinched the treasur "The zodiac, it's the extraterrestrial. It's the cataclysm The black military dress of Yishui not only highlights the luxurious temperament, but also has milit Tang Danian didn't have such a problem directly, Since the third batch, all the treasures have been tampered with in advance. If you want to rob the Seeing Yang Kai's smiling expression, some of them are not like joking. Many people are afraid o Li Yincheng didn't say it was brought by herself. It's not good for her to learn from her. A

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