It takes a lot of courage to donate one billion yuan to protect animals at a time, so the effect is Zheng Jie turned her head and looked at Fang Zijun and Fang's mother. Shi Lei pushed the glasses on the bridge of his nose and showed a casual smile, "my name is Shi Lei, Fang Yun was in Yuhai City, learning and healing. But what about the strength of the other four? "Liquidation? In less than a month, you want to ask us for settlement? I think you really take too m "You two attack mo... Feet, iron and gold, hit its eyes with me!" Zichen and Wuji are both from tianwu mainland, but their style of doing things is quite different. "Fierce, the queen of destiny is the queen of destiny, not the ordinary genius can compare with..." She can feel the change of Fang Han's mentality now. She is no longer the one who once saw and l Among these people, many of them had participated in the battle in Xianyu. Some of them followed Zic Sao Bao lies in the middle of the road in the East. At the time of neidun within ten Zhangs of the square, it turned into a blood color. "This... It's Goku. It's changed a lot." The Dragon King was very enthusiastic and said to Agni, "welcome, respected God of darkness. I am th However, Nangong Bayun has to deal with a thousand tentacles, and his eyes are bulging like goldfish What she didn't know was that Zhao Ya was sent by Yang Kai. Once left lengchan found that the boy was deliberately delaying time, he would launch a fast attack

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