Long bows and dragons can't help but shine, Just then there was a sudden knock on the door. Hearing the three words of Jin 15, Yue Chong's eyes finally began to change, looking very painfu If you are an ordinary Taoist, you don't need to kill the Taoist. Another one, with a Epiphyllum on his face; Even the leader of Tang clan had to respect him. That's why Yue Chong decided that he was an acquaintance. "You should be Lin Dong, the old guy who injured Zonghua bone of Yin puppet?" "Fiery red armour, it's time to do something, show me!" Many dangerous military strongholds were abandoned without resistance. Then governor Landis shifted the stick a little more and put it on another red spot. After a bit of fear ahead, we got out of the withered abandoned passage and entered a section of the Qingshui laughed, but he still shook his head: "what do you want from me?" After a little hesitation, the second girl made an unexpected move. "After all, I'm still married. Ha ha, xuan'er is really different!" Both in terms of equipment and occupation are extremely restrained their opponents, Zaji this is als Looking at the monstrous body of the high priest. (www.xbiquge.la xinbiquge), high speed full text online reading!

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