Yamaguchi came back from his meditation. At the end of the day, only Gao Ying, who was already a walking corpse, was alive! Jiangshan continues to try, but it is still a hundred thoughts can not get, can not help deep frown. Or people are not human, ghost is not ghost, head horse face, head pig body, cattle head horse face "Yinxiang knows the gatekeeper's elder brother and only talks about one relative." At the beginning, military law was practiced almost every day. It is a kind of golden from the bottom of my heart. Everyone grabs everywhere in panic, until I gras It is the so-called ridge in the horizontal view and a peak on the side. Huotian thought for a while and shook his head: "no, the more powerful it is, the better it will be Mr. Chen is also picking clothes for SM! Matt looked at Alice's face in a daze, and for a long time said: A string of harsh bell rings, we can see that many high school students in school uniforms clattered After a few minutes, there was nothing left on them, hugging, touching, kissing But they could sense that a terrible shadow had stayed for a short time before. Damn it, I knew that. What did he follow in here? "If you don't send a caster, you can send a few level 4 elemental swordsmen. I believe my brothe Santa Fe was afraid of Yue Chong. When he heard Yue Chong say this, he was even more scared. His bod Huang Xu patted Tian Xiaoer on the shoulder and asked where the gang were. He waved to Xiao ER and w

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