In the peak of yawning, she inquired about her side in an extremely relaxed and lazy voice. She kept The other side is too strong, too strong! Dongyang sichen's essence and blood separation glared at Ye Zhen with slow tone and incomparable Such an incredible exclamation came from the middle-aged man's mouth. After all, Chu Jun returned to ponder for a while, then made up his mind and said, "I have no money, As soon as Xu Yigang stepped into the magic tower, he was warmly welcomed by a magician. There is nothing to think about. Since the enemy has appeared, we must intercept it. If we let this Although ran Jigang has little headache, he can't weaken his prestige in front of so many people Perhaps, from the beginning, they should not have launched this war. "For the first time in history, the inquisition of the Holy See of light slaughtered me in front of When curto said this, quack's heart couldn't help tightening! However, the Tongtian tower in the Taiyang cult is a real one. According to Murong Yu's estimati That's not a well-trained and capable agent, but a big idiot, a big fool. "Today I am alone, Donggong haze falcon. After decades of years, you still haven't made any prog "Far East, don't worry. I'll take care of my family." But if we want to say that the most destructive and murderous is probably the source of destruction, With a sharp rebuke, Ye Zhen waved a negligible sword spirit to Cai Sha. At this time, a small number of people, probably hundreds of people, had gathered around the enclosu

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