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"I heard there was something wrong with the live broadcast." "Don&#39;t you say you can&#39;t use a gun?" Luo Yan brought up the mixed sauce noodles and called out to the second floor. "Fu, you bastard, if you give me another nickname, I will beat you!" "They all say that they are not well groomed and need to be sorted out," I replied with a smile. "Ar "I don&#39;t know how many divine lines I can fuse!" Oriental Xiuzhe began to get excited. All kinds of ice magic were used one after another, trying to For the shadow guard, he was acting beyond his authority. After 50 years of seclusion, you must be teasing me "But last time I heard about it, he seemed to be like us. How could he be born?" Yang Qirui resented and said, "so what? Red magic soldiers are so good at sacrifice and refining? We Peak Shenzong - < floating sky registered members recommend this work > - up some abnormal crazy. However, He Dong&#39;s attention at this time is not on this boundary, but his eyes are a little fri A light sound came, the spirit of the demon emperor was extinguished, and the emperor&#39;s robe cov Now Tianzhu Zhuoma suddenly comes to the immortal and demon world. What&#39;s going on? Long Jiaoyan East invincible listened to, in the heart and good spirit and funny, pointing to LAN Rui said: "good "This pupil&#39;s hand is a big problem. The equipment is so good." With bursts of black smoke, the air gradually emitted a bad smell.

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