Tang Qian suddenly reached for ye Fei's neck and pecked him on his forehead like a dragonfly. He Therefore, if he wants to find out the mystery of the empty spirit, he must explore step by step. The corner of the mouth of Ye Tianchen shed a trace of blood, but still firmly standing on the stone "Is the jade pendant in the picture your father's?" Han Bing's tone is a little tense and urgent. In this way, seven in seven out, the enemy suddenly collapsed, scattered, Luo Li smile, turned to st People around him took a breath of cold air. Yin Lesheng yelled, frantically attacking Yang Kai. "I'd better give it to you quickly." Ling Yun was completely shocked. He was not stupid, and he did not lack imagination. He immediately They are waiting for us to finish our meal All of a sudden his eyes lit up, and then he saw a raging fire all over him. At this time, Jin had already fallen on Miao Miao's fragrant shoulder. It was shaking its wings At first, it was time to see that there were British and Japanese on one side, but soon they were co Feng Yiting looks at this guy in astonishment. You think that a Hunanese even comes out of Sichuan d The fourth layer is not so easy. In half an hour, Lin Dong died three times, but he killed five Warc Although the sword looks flat, it is stronger than the speed. That is, long Aotian thinks that if he The reason is not that the evil god is stronger than him. Strange to say a love words, the face of shame slightly red.

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