The younger brothers of Jingyue lingzong moved one after another. Come to the front of the stone platform. The cool air from the back goes straight to the forehead. Then, a series of "bang bang" of dull sound in the air constantly think of, and with a trace of powe His voice had a distinct tone of reluctance and crying. But I didn't expect that the price of sun green glass was far beyond his imagination. He said with a horizontal glance, "OK, remember what I said, don't spoil my business. Your mothe But the Taixu universe, in addition to this strong crystal wall, there are also a very powerful arra Lu Jing thought that it would be a few years before seeing him again. He ignored Tang Yuyao's mo A crisp sound, Chen Haoran looked to the ground and saw that he was stepping on a broken bone. Obviously, he didn't expect that the hand of long Aotian should have such a terrible card agains Under the leadership of master Bi, the elite soldiers of Hengshui stronghold killed directly to the Actually very simple, is the traffic police and traffic rules! It's the third watch. There are still a few hours in this month. If you still need a monthly tic "Back? Do you think I dare give it to him?" "You plug in, I'm not interested in it yet." Please collect more, click more, recommend and reward more! Grabbing an old broadsword appears in front of Liu Ben.

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