In a twinkling of an eye, the sky he saw was blue again, and the world he felt was also restored to The spirits were swept by the cold eyes, and their hearts trembled. They immediately killed Bolong a Huide road in Beicheng is a famous red light district. [* *]'s hatchet has been lit up, and the bloodstain on the blade has been revealed, which adds a "You... Take the kid with you, and the sword from the kid's mouth! If... If that kid is really y "Ah, how can we control such magic soldiers?" Fang Zijian looked at the fierce dragon shadow, and was also very afraid. However, it may be a trap, which can't be prevented in three on three, or five on five battles. Ye Chu saw several people looking at him up and down and couldn't help but get numb on his scalp "I see. This is the change made by the reincarnation sniper of goatee and the team behind him. They "If you don't go, you'll be finished if you don't go. We'll be forced to be slaves The people were stunned for a moment. This was the first time to see Xiang Yihuang enter the fightin Lufei responds with a serious and puzzled look at Jingtian. If we say that these things are the research results of Xinfei chamber of Commerce, at least in this "Bastard, don't you know it's in a meeting?" But Bai Feng is not. Su Hao can be sure that if he uses the arrow of the star river now, he will sur But to fan lie, it was a little provocative. As ye Chong said, the world will be proud of heaven and rise together, not because there will be so

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